characters overview

ADC Bronze 2010 | On-air Design | ZDF Format "logo! Kindernachrichten"

project by velvet design ( for ZDF logo! (ZDF: public german tv channel).
the characters: "emoticons", are a population of graphic creatures who, as main
protagonists, bring a current news topic to life in an explanatory animated sequence
lasting several minutes in a children program of ZDF logo!. this animation is a
special edit of all logo!


client: zweites deutsches fernsehen (zdf), maerketing corporate design germany;
lead agency: velvet mediendesign; creative manager: matthias zentner;
creative director: patrick seelinger; art directors: martin
potsch, janett bergner & stefanie reinhart;
character design: janett bergner; text: frank knauer; agency
producer: stefan meuller;
animation: janett bergner & stefanie reinhart; graphic design:
martin potsch, janett bergner & stefanie reinhart;
motion graphics & 3D: janett bergner & stefanie reinhart; design
management: tatin scoping complexity;
fonts: edenspiekermann; vizrrt: avirtico; set design: biehling
design; music: big orange:
sound design: velvet design